Sierra Grant

Graduate Student, Department of Astronomy, Boston University


10959682_10204899932911459_1371290663259234323_nHello and welcome! I am currently a fifth-year graduate student in the Boston University Department of Astronomy and Institute for Astrophysical Research. My research interests revolve around protoplanetary disks and their evolution. These disks of gas and dust form around young stars as they collapse from molecular clouds. I want to answer open questions about how these disks evolve into planetary systems and the complexities that come along with that evolution.

Artist’s conception of a protoplanetary disk  with actively forming planets clearing a gap in the disk. Credit: The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan
A column density map of L1641. In Grant et al. 2018, we analyze far-infrared photometry of protoplanetary disks in this cloud to study their evolutionary state. (Image from Stutz & Kainulainen, 2015)