The full PDF of my C.V. is available here.

Sierra Grant

725 Commonwealth Ave. – Boston,MA 02215 – United States

sierrag [at] bu.edu • http://www.sierragrant.com



Boston University
Advisor: Catherine C. Espaillat


       Boston University
       Master of Arts
       Advisor: Catherine C. Espaillat
University of Michigan
B.S. Astronomy & Astrophysics and B.S. Interdisciplinary Physics
Advisor: Nuria P. Calvet

Research Interests

My research focuses on the evolution of protoplanetary disks, the disks of gas and dust that form around young stars. As these disks evolve they may form planetary systems and I’m interested in characterizing that evolution and what that means for growing planets.

Honors and Awards

Fall 2015     Dean’s Fellowship

Fall 2011, 2013, & Spring 2014     University Honors


1/2018       The 4th MA-CT Regional Star Formation Meeting, Boston, MA – Contributed Talk

12/2017     Boston Area Exoplanet Meeting, Cambridge, MA – Contributed Talk

01/2017     Regional Star Formation Meeting, New Haven, CT – Contributed Talk

06/2015     Frontiers in Star Formation: Celebrating Contributions to the Field by Nuria Calvet and Lee Hartmann, Ann Arbor, MI – Invited Talk

01/2015     225th American Astronomical Society Meeting, Seattle, WA – Poster

02/2014     Scientista Symposium, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA – Poster

04/2013, 04/2014, & 04/2015     Undergraduate Research Presentation, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI – Poster


In Preparation      “Herschel Observations of Protoplanetary Disks in Lynds 1641” Sierra Grant, Catherine Espaillat, Nuria Calvet, S. Thomas Megeath, Chris Miller, William J. Fischer, Kyoung Hee Kim, Amy Stutz, Babar Ali

03/2014     “A Month of Personal Transformation at Kitt Peak” Sierra Grant, NOAO Newsletter, Issue 109, March 2014


Accepted Observing Proposals

11/2017     Discovery Channel Telescope, Lowell Observatory (3 half-nights)

“Probing Gas and Dust in the Sites of Planet Formation”

Sierra Grant, Catherine Espaillat

10/2017     Hubble Space Telescope 6 orbits & Chandra X-ray Observatory 35ks & VLA 9.6 hours

“Connecting Mass Accretion and Ejection in Pre-main Sequence Stars”

Catherine Espaillat, Jesús Hernández, Sierra Grant, Enríque Macias, Mark Reynolds, Connor Robinson

10/2015     Spitzer Space Telescope (Proposal ID #12036)

“Footprints of the Magnetosphere: the Star-Disk Connection in T Tauri Stars”

Catherine Espaillat, Sierra Grant, Jesus Hernandez, Nuria Calvet Coordinated with the Hubble Space Telescope and the Swift Telescope for simultaneous observations



Spring 2016    AS 203: Principles of Astronomy II Teaching Assistant



09/2015-Current     Boston University Astronomy Public Open Nights

09/2011-05/2015     Student Astronomical Society
09/2011-05/2012     Douglass Houghton Scholars Program
09/2011-05/2012     Women in Science and Engineering Residency Program
06/2010                       Michigan Technological University Women in Engineering Program